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Nationwide network

Our reception covers 100% of Japan You can rely on our high-speed data service anywhere in Japan.

Telephone Interpretation Service

If you can't speak Japanese, don't worry! Our phone operators will support you. Please call us anytime you need us.

Have a happy and fulfilled trip!

Enhance your trip with our mobile internet service. Use it anytime and anywhere.

Service Details

Data 3in1 SIM Unlimited 7+1 3in1 SIM Unlimited 15+1 3in1 SIM Unlimited 30+1
Price 6,000JPY(Open Price) 7,000JPY(Open Price) 8,000JPY(Open Price)
Expiration date 7+1 days 15+1 days 30+1 days
SIM type 3in1 SIM
Data communication service Download speeds of up to 788 Mbps (best effort)
Technical support desk English, Japanese
Supported network NTT DOCOMO network
Standards and frequencies
  • NTT-DOCOMO Network: Download speeds up tp 788Mbps
  • LTE(Xi®) : band1 (2100MHz)/Band 19(800 MHz)/Band 21(1500MHz)/Band 3(1800MHz, only some areas)
  • WCDMA(FOMA®) : Band 1(2100MHz)/Band 6/19(800MHz)
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Using two or more devices? We recommend this!

It's easy to use! 2 stepsIt's easy to use! 2 steps

1. Purchase a SIM card

You can get one at participating shops.
*For identity verification, please have your passport ready upon pickup.

2. Setting of device

Insert SIM Card into communication device and set APN.

  1. Name : ppsim
  2. APN :
  3. Username : pp@sim
  4. Password : jpn
  5. MCC : 440
  6. MNC : 03
  7. Authentication Type : PAP or CHAP

Services may be used immediately:-)

*Items offered, names and operation methods may differ according to your device model and OS. For more details, please refer to your mobile device's manual or send a direct inquiry to the manufacturer.


Points to consider for this service
●You must complete startup procedures online within 10 days from the date of purchase. ●No returns or exchanges are allowed except for defects or malfunctions. Confirm with sales staff whether your device is compatible or not. ●You will need a separate wireless LAN to set up APN for more than iOS ●This service is provided only to customers that have purchased SIM (identity verification is required). ●This service can only be used with devices marked with the Certification of Conformance to Technical Standards logo that shows that it meets technical standards for specific wireless equipment. ●This SIM card is specifically for data transmission. It cannot be used for voice communication (phone calls may be made through calling apps). ●It is not necessary to return the SIM card, but as the SIM card is a rental item, you may be required to return it upon request. ●In the case the SIM card is lost or damaged, it will not be reissued.

In order to use this service, you must agree to a separate Terms of Use. Ask sales staff or visit our website for more details regarding this service.